I read every comment. The vast majority agree with me that Dom Capers has to go. Ironic how the Packers fan base is considered one of the more knowledgeable in all of sports when we’re winning, but we’re called whiners for not appreciating our “great” coaches when we’re losing.

Craig’s post is great about “why” Capers needs to move on. I’d add  a couple things: that the 3-4 has insured one thing – that linebackers aren’t healthy all year. Also Datone Jones hardly played, no excuse – Perry performed much better on the right side, so leave him there and switch Matthews to the left. Defensive Coordinator needs to adjust to players’ skill, not players adjusting to schemes DC wants to run.

Ron Wolf built a great team and Ted Thompson has dismantled it. Ted comes into Green Bay, and his first move was to dismantle our O-line due to salary cap. Those pro-bowl tackles were never as good again on other teams and our O-line has never been as good again – thus we’ve had no run game until this year and it took the steal of the draft (Eddie Lacy) to make it happen, more often than not after being hit in the backfield initially. Rodgers will not remain on the field behind this O-line. Protect Rodgers, stuff Lacy and Starks down D’s throat. Big changes needed on O-line.

Ted’s next move was to bring in Capers and switch to 3-4. With Jenkins, Woodson, and Collins, this was doable. They let Jenkins and Kampman go and will never be able to find another Nick Collins or Charles Woodson. We don’t have D-line talent or linebacker depth to make 3-4 work anymore. It worked well for 1 year and has been downhill since.

I look at our roster and don’t see the “mediocre” talent fans refer to, other than safety, O-line, and D-line. We have studs on both sides of the ball who’s performance is mediocre – when they’re not out with injuries. We could promote Kevin Greene to DC and stay with 3-4 with innovative schemes, or hire someone else and easily convert back to 4-3 with what we have.

Strength and conditioning has been an issue since 2007. It should be our number 1 priority to keep our players on the field.

Lastly, McCarthy has proven year after year that he can’t call plays. He’s predictable and bland. We start out vs SF with Lacy run, Lacy run, and on 3rd and 3 Kuhn draw for 2 yards – punt. This is after SF announces one of their starting CBs is out an hour before kickoff. On 3rd and long he runs a draw to Kuhn for 3 yards (not once all season has that play resulted in a 1st down for us – McCarthy concedes possession on 3rd and long instead of putting the ball in the MVP’s hands). Knowing the SF defensive front 7 is one of the best, he calls no plays to get Rodgers out of the pocket – where he arguably performs at his best. We line up Cobb in the backfield on 1st and goal – Lacy and Starks did not play that series and Starks was fresh – both running well and downhill. The list goes on and on. Either get an Offensive Coordinator whom you trust to call plays, or get rid of McCarthy. I get as excited as anyone watching Lacy do his thing, but score first and score often should be the priority – pounding Lacy intermittently to keep the D off-guard.

Lombardi wouldn’t stand for this crap, and neither should Packers Nation. We’ve been blessed with Favre and Rodgers, and have 2 rings to show for it. We should have been virtually unbeatable since ’96. Sad times to be a Packers fan. Highly unlikely that we’ll be spoiled with so much talent at the helm in the future and we’ve (for the most part) failed to capitalize upon it.

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